DigitAize Software Bundle (BETA)

RELEASE DATE: 28.06.2021 

The DigitAize Software Bundle includes:

The invisible bridge connecting the instrument to your computer. DigitAize Connect works as a background App handling all MIDI settings as well as connectivity management for DigitAize on desktop. Infinite possibilities to customize data and control channel assignment.

DigitAize Sound is a powerful synthesiser module tailored for the DigitAize technology. It allows countless sound modifications and FX´s possible, as well as  presets storage and motion control options.

DigitAize4Max is a object bundle for MaxMSP, allowing a seamless integration of DigitAize into the MaxMSP workflow. 

A background VST & Audio Units plugin allowing to receive and stream the live audio signal from the built in microphone in any DAW. 


DigitAize Software Bundle (BETA) Version 2.0.4

Release date: 28.06.2021

Mac OS X

older versions: 

DigitAize Connect Version 1.0

Release date: 30.11.2020

Mac OS X

not available


not available