The new generation of string instruments.

Transform your instrument into a powerful MIDI controller with the groundbreaking Digitaize multi-sensor technology.

Designed for the stage.

Unleash your musical potential with the Smart Violin.

The smart violin combines the timeless beauty of traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge digital music capabilities. Explore a new world of possibilities in music creation and performance.

Wireless Audio

Forget about cables! Our technology provides ultra-low latency, high quality uncompressed audio. Stream your sound directly to the Digitaize Audio Plugin (VST3 & AU) in any DAW.


The most reliable polyphonic pitch-to-MIDI algorithm for string instruments. Exceptional pitch detection capabilities of our unique sensor fingerboard allows for unrivalled translation. Utilizing envelope/amplitude data from the bow, accurately detects the velocity of each note played.

Motion Tracking

Control virtual instruments and parameters with intuitive precision. The built-in gyroscope and accelerometer allow for instant mapping of instrument movements with a click.

Intuitive. Creative. Powerful.

Transform your violin into a smart instrument.

Discover the power of the Digitaize module, seamlessly integrating with any acoustic violin, unlocking a world of possibilities. Experience the perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

Easy mounting.

Mount the module to your violin in a few simple steps. The process ensures a non-invasive approach and minimizes any interference with the integrity and sound of the acoustic instrument.

Compact device.

With a weight of only 25g, Digitaize is the smallest, lightest and most powerful hardware unit available for string instruments.

Digitaize Connect.
Powerful. Light.

Digitaize Connect is the powerful control station for your Digitaize Smart Instruments. Seamless DAW integration, dedicated controllers. Customise the way you want to digitaize your playing style and let your creativity take center stage.

Part of the
C. Bechstein family.

Digitaize is part of the esteemed C. Bechstein family. With over 170 years of rich heritage and craftsmanship, C. Bechstein has been a beacon of excellence in the world of piano manufacturing. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and musical artistry resonates deeply with our own values at Digitaize.

Together, we harmonize tradition and innovation.

Being a member of the C. Bechstein family not only underscores our commitment to excellence but also reinforces our dedication to preserving and enhancing the timeless beauty of acoustical instruments, while embracing the exciting possibilities of the digital age.

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