DigitAize redefines the way of approaching Pitch to Midi by making it dramatically faster and more precise than any other available solution.



A patented multi-layer sensor fingerboard tracks positions of the fingers on each string independently thus allowing a very precise, polyphonic MIDI translation. It opens completely new possibilities of interaction with any software instrument or digital effects.

3D Motion Tracking

Use your body expression to control any virtual sound or effect by simply moving yourself with the violin in any direction. The 3D motion data can be used for controlling MIDI/OSC in any music software in the most intuitive way.

integrated Hq microphone 

Enjoy recording yourself or amplifying your violin and forget about the cables! An advanced digital MEMS microphone placed very close to the bridge allows streaming a very focused, high quality audio signal wirelessly to any Windows/Mac computer. You can access your sound directly through the Digitaize Receive audio plugin (VST3 & AU) in any DAW. Envelope/amplitude data from the bow is used for detecting notes velocities as well as a constant midi aftertouch parameters.



Stentor violin outfit fitted with Wittner tailpiece and Pirastro Tonica strings.

  • Finely carved solid spruce front
  • Carved selected Maple back, sides and neck
  • Fully inlaid purfling
  • Oil varnished
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Ebony pegs with parisian eye inlay
  • Guarneri style chinrest
  • Wittner lightweight tailpiece with integral fine tuners
  • Pirastro Tonica strings
  • EPC core nylon covered case with integral blanket.
  • Good quality octagonal bow with fully mounted Ebony frog.

Digital Fingerboard

DigitAize patented Sensor Fingerboard

  • multilayered touch sensor for finger-position tracking
  • fully polyphonic – 4 independent paths for each string
  • made of hi-quality materials for a long time use
  • perfect fit for the shape of the fingerboard
  • fabricated in the EU


A high quality digital MEMS microphone

  • mounted underneath the fingerboard
  • good position for capturing focused sound
  • good resistance against feedbacks
  • hi quality, uncompressed audio
  • ultra low latency
  • audio streaming thru DigitAize Receive Plugin (VST3/AU) directly to any DAW
  • no need for any additional pre-amp etc (audio interface)
  • completely wireless 


A Three-Axis Gyroscope and Accelerometer

  • body expression tracking while playing
  • instrument movements can be used exactly in the same way as any midi knob/fader
  • controlling sounds/effects in the most intuitive way
  • up to 6 different parameters
  •  support for Midi CC and OSC 


Multiple connection modes including Bluetooth and a DigitAize custom radio solution

  • Bluetooth MIDI mode – the violin acts as a midi controller and can be connected with any compatible Windows/Mac/Android/iOs 
  • Custom Radio Mode – the violin connects to the DigitAize USB-HUB (included) with any Windows/Mac computer, it enables some advanced midi settings as well as the wireless microphone audio streaming
  • ultra low latency in both modes
  • up to 12 meter connection distance (3-4 meter recommended while on the stage)


Integrated hi quality rechargeable lithium-polymer battery

  • charging over USB port on the front side of the fingerboard
  • 9h+ operating time on a single charge