A powerful

MIDI controller

Multiple wireless


Pitch and motion





patented sensor

Easy, non-invasive


the industry standard

for digital acoustic instruments

A powerhouse in a nutshell

DigitAize is the first ever digital mapping system that can be mounted on any acoustic string instrument. Our patent pending solution allows a real-time caption of playing gestures and it´s wireless transmission enables a real-time digital notation, control of virtual sounds and synthesizers as well as a motion tracking. The DigitAize fingerboard sensor enables a ultra low latency, polyphonic pitch to midi conversion, it lets you also monitor the intonation at any moment and gives an insight on the tuning status of the instrument at any time. The software ensures a easy integration with the common digital audio workstations and music making softwares.

DigitAize redefines the way of using effects and virtual sounds while playing live concerts.

DigitAize can capture, visualize, and evaluate your playing movements and 3D position in real-time, giving you a constant feedback about your posture and the instruments mouvements. The powerful built-in hardware module features also a digital air microphone, as well as a contact microphone. DigitAize can be easily mounted on any acoustic string instrument. Through a step-by-step mounting instructions you will be guided through the process of applying the sensor to the fingerboard of your instrument and connecting it to the hardware module. DigitAize is designed to minimise the impact on the acoustic properties of the instrument.



Digital Fingerboard

Ultra-low latency Polyphonic MIDI

Digital audio signal streaming

Intonation monitoring

Unlimited MIDI CC customization

Raw data access via OSC

5+ hours battery life

Compatibility with all major Audio Workstations

mount on any string instrument