DigitAize Software Version changes:

DigitAize Bundle Ver. 4.1, released on 06.12.2022

New Features:

  • Create & Edit Custom Presets for all Midi Settings
  • Switch between the presets remotely thru midi program change
  • midi cc assignment helper tool: select exclusively a DigitAize controller to be assigned within any DAW
  • more control over the fingerboard data acquisition – now you can choose the midi-notes sensibility between fast and robust
    -fingerboard calibraton wizard: new, improved algorithm

Bug Fixes / Improvements:

  • Open string detection in bow mode is now more reliable
  • Note detection improvements
  • Stability and performance improvements

DigitAize Bundle Ver. 4.0, released on 04.05.2022


  • new, redesigned Settings Window with many new tools for even better control over the midi processing
  • Major app performance improvements on windows and mac
  • pitch bend fix
  • open string detection improvements
  • audio driver conflicts fix on windows
  • firmware update tool bug fixes
  • and many more..

DigitAize Bundle Ver. 3.1, released on 24.02.2022


  • bug fixes, stability improvements

DigitAize Bundle Ver. 3.0, released on 27.01.2022


  • resolved conflicts when installing the software when several users are present on the computer.
  • bug fixes, stability improvements

DigitAize Bundle Ver. 2.9.9, released on 24.01.2022


  • added an authentication issue while installing the package.  

DigitAize Bundle Ver. 2.9.8, released on 04.12.2021


  • fix a bug that could prevent from connecting some of the DigitAize modules
  • fix proper display of text on some Windows computers. 

DigitAize Bundle Ver. 2.9.7, released on 23.11.2021


  • fixed issues with version conflicts (Mac/windows)
  • fix installing usb drivers on some older computers (windows)

DigitAize Bundle Ver. 2.9.6, released on 17.11.2021


  • improved Digitaize operation in Bluetooth MIDI mode
  • improved microphone audio quality 
  • added compatibility with Mac M1 processors
  • added open-strings detection in DigitaizeSound
  • improved performance on Windows/Mac 
  • and much more..

DigitAize Bundle Ver. 2.0.4, released on 28.06.2021

Mac/Windows: bug fixes and stability improvements

DigitAize Bundle Ver. 2.0.4, released on 30.11.2020

DigitAize initial version release