Installation Guide


1. Launch DigitAize_Installer.exe

  • Make sure to have ADMIN rights on the computer
  • To avoid conflicts during the installation and setup, please turn off your Antivirus temporarily
  • Make sure to NOT plug the DigitAize USB Hub in or turn the DigitAize Violin on during installation
  • Once installed, you might start your Antivirus again and grant exemptions to the Apps DigitAize Connect, DigitAize Sound and DigitAize Bridge

2. Don’t mind OS malware alerts

  • Your browser, OS Firewall or antivirus might try to stop you from downloading, installing and running DigitAize Softwares.
  • Please make sure to grant all rights to DigitAize in order to complete installation

3. Inside the installer

  • Agree to the End User License Agreement for DigitAize

You can access the DigitAize EULA also here

  • Go through the next steps of the installer by clicking on NEXT

4. Install DigitAize Software Bundle

  • Complete the installation¬†
  • Restart your computer

5. Allow Firewall upon start

  • Allow the Defender Firewall to run all dependencies
  • Insert your USB Hub into the computer
  • Turn you instrument on
  • Get started with the Setup

INSTALL DigitAize on MAC

1. Run the .dmg DigitAize Software Bundle

  • Click on Continue

2. Software License Agreement

  • Agree to the software License Agreement

3. Install all DigitAize Software

  • Make sure you install all DigitAize Software extensions to enjoy DigitAize to the fullest extend
  • Click on Continue

4. Installation 

  • The installer will start installing the software and run all scripts

5. Restart Computer

  • You successfully installed the DigitAize Bundle
  • If prompted, please restart your Computer to complete the installation