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DigitAize Connect Standard Suite

DigitAize Connect is the invisible bridge connecting your instrument to the major audio-workstations and music making software on your computer.

There’s almost unlimited scope for controlling the data from your instrument; routing MIDI channels, customizing MIDI AND CC, exporting raw data in higher resolution, visualizing 3D movement, setting advanced tuning options (as well as quarter tones!).

  • Connect to your instrument in multiple ways, using Bluetooth, WIFI or Hotspot connection
  • Connect multiple DigitAize instruments simultaneously, making music with your friends
  • Get real-time notation with your instrument: Write music just by playing it.
  • Get great 3D graphical visualization of the instrument movements allowing real-time motion  tracking
  • Customize MIDI channels and parameters, such as Pitch Bend, Aftertouch or ADSR, with the CC-matrix 
  • Open terminal for data stream – get the raw, unfiltered data using OSC protocol 
  • Compatible with the most common audio workstations

The software also features a large collection of graphic interactive games, making practicing or playing music a lot of fun!