Software Installation Guide

Installation Guide – MAC

Scroll down for Installation Guide – Windows

  1. Download Digitaize Connect here.
  2. Open the installation package and run the installer.
  3. The installer will start installing the software and run all scripts

4. Restart Computer
You successfully installed the Digitaize Bundle!
If prompted, please restart your Computer to complete the installation

Installation Guide – Windows

  1. Launch DigitAize_Installer.exe

    Make sure to have Admin rights on the computer
    To avoid conflicts during the installation and setup, please turn off your Antivirus temporarily

    Make sure to NOT plug the Digitaize USB Hub in or turn your instrument on during installation.

    Once installed, you might start your Antivirus again and grant exemptions to the any Digitaize App.

2. Don’t mind OS malware alerts
Your browser, OS Firewall or antivirus might try to stop you from downloading, installing and running Digitaize Softwares.
Please make sure to grant all rights to Digitaize in order to complete installation

3. Inside the installer
Agree to the End User License Agreement for Digitaize

You can access the Digitaize End User License Agreement also here.

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4. Install Digitaize Software Bundle
Complete the installation 
Restart your computer

5. Allow Firewall upon start
Allow the Defender Firewall to run all dependencies

To get started, plug your USB Receiver into the computer and turn you instrument on.
Get started with the Setup here: