Video – Mounting Fixation Clamp on Violin

Video – Mounting DigitAize Unit on Violin

1. Adjust and mount the clamp

Once you successfully attached the sensor to your instrument, you can proceed to attach the DigitAize Unit to the fingerboard. 

The Unit is attached to the instrument using a special metal clamp. The metal clamp applies lateral force to the side of the fingerboard. 

  1. slide the clamp under the fingerboard


2. align the right lateral panel (the one covered with cork) on the side of the fingerboard and move the clamp gently under the fingerboard

Adjust placement of the clamp.

Move gently back along the fingerboard to fix the clamp

This is the correct placement of the clamp


2. Attach the DigitAize Unit

Now you need to plug in the sensor to the DigitAize Unit


  1. Take the sensor connector and gently turn it so, that the grey part looks up in the direction of the bridge. 

  2. Bring the DigitAize Unit near to it and slide in the connector inside the side hole of the DigitAize Unit. 

NOTE: You can also use a tweezer to plug the sensor into the Unit. 


!!ATTENTION!!: Please be aware, that the connector is VERY FRAGILE.

Be careful! Don’t twist, press or pull from the connector while you attach it to the unit. You need just to apply some pressure just when sliding the connector inside the unit.



3.  Once the sensor is correctly plugged inside the Unit, gently put the back of the DigitAize Unit under the fingerboard. 

4.  The magnet holder of the clamp will attract the Unit and bring it in place. 

NOTE: Be careful not to pull from the connector, while holding the Unit. This can result in unplugging the sensor or even in damaging the connector. 

Additional user notes


  • When you turn the device on, please hold the clamp firmly, so that you don’t disassemble the unit


  • When you plug in a USB cable, hold the clamp firmly, so to not disassemble the unit or make it turn


  • When you unplug the connector, hold the DigitAize unit firmly, so that you don’t remove it from position


  • Preferably disassemble the unit when you charge it


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