Digitaize + ASIO Drivers (Windows)

After many days of testing Digitaize i found out that the best results in terms of stability and latency are achieved when using ASIO drivers (Windows). DigitaizeConnect itself use the DSP functions only while calibrating the device, in the usage mode the audio engine is turned off – it is not required to use it since all the data is being send in a Midi/OSC Protocol. Nevertheless the calibration procedure compares the raw data from the device with the dsp audio coming thru the audio driver.

When using DigitaizeReceive VST3 Plugin in your favourite DAW the microphone signal from the unit strongly depends on the Audio Driver selected. Therefore we recommend installing ASIO drivers for every Digitaize user working on Windows in any case.

There are more ASIO developments, we got the best results using the ASIO4ALL drivers. You can find the most recent version here:


Don’t forget to set the buffer size (recommended: 128) directly in the Driver menu (system tray)!

Have fun!