the nimikry team

Alessandro Baticci – Product Manager

I come from Italy, I am composer, instrument-maker, flautist, performer and inventor. Since my early years of education, I was interested in building stuff using my hands, I have a great passion for design, graphics and handwriting music.

I develop the design of the product, as well as the GUI of our softwares and the graphical aspect of DigitAize and am responsible for the development of features.

Rafał Zalech – Technical Manager

I am viola-player, composer, programmer and inventor. I cultivate a strong affection for electronic music, contemporary classical and d’n’b. Since my early years I’m fulfilled with a strong passion for experimenting with anything that conducts voltage and produces sounds.

I develop the software and hardware architecture for DigitAize. Coordination of our engineering teams belongs not only to my duties but is also a source of a great satisfaction and fun. I am also responsible for the technological integration of DigitAize with other softwares.


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