Rodrigo D’Erasmo

When i first tried Digitaize I was impressed by this concept, brought out to us by extraordinary musicians. This innovative technology is the result of fine craftsmanship and know-how about the acoustics of the instrument. My impression on Woodify was that the flute sound becomes more even throughout all register. Overall an improvement of the response, power and projection. I highly recommend Woodify!”


Patricia Kopatchinskaja

“I discovered Digitaize a year ago and was immediately fascinated, how deeply it improved the sound and dynamic spectrum of my instrument. I perceive a much more homogeneous sound, throughout the whole register. At the same time, i experience a greater flexibility in my playing.”


Yuri Revich

“I had the privilege of encountering Digitaize while it was still in its development stage. It captured my interest instantly, and has accompanied my playing since 2020. By opening up and encouraging me to explore and discover new horizons, Digitaize has not only transformed my instrument, but also my approach to playing.”